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A Compassionate And Understanding Wrongful Death Attorney

Nothing compares with the pain and anguish of losing a loved one. I empathize with the grief and anguish you and your family are experiencing in the aftermath of a relative’s death. At The Biggs Firm, It is my mission to provide respectful and dignified legal representation for your family during this difficult time. I will file a claim against anyone, individual or company, responsible for causing the fatal accident.

You can determine if your family is eligible for compensation today in a free wrongful death claim consultation at my Odessa office. I was born and raised in West Texas and have spent my legal career handling personal injury and insurance law claims for thousands of clients. You can schedule your free consultation now by calling me at 432-268-0153.

Why Families Need A Wrongful Death Attorney

Filing a civil claim after the death of a loved one can involve a significant amount of red tape and legal fighting. The average family does not have enough legal experience to build a strong claim, file paperwork, subpoena witnesses, preserve evidence or take any other essential steps a lawsuit requires. Hiring a law firm can give a family these resources, along with an attorney who can lead the case with confidence.

I can aggressively fight for justice for your loved one, as well as fair financial compensation from the at-fault party. I have significant trial experience and will take your case to the courtroom if it is in your best interests. Finally, my staff and I will handle everything related to your wrongful death case while you and your family focus on grieving and moving forward.

Important Texas Wrongful Death Laws

When you hire me, you and your family do not need to worry about obeying the state’s related statutes. I will navigate all applicable laws for you with the utmost effectiveness and efficiency. However, a brief overview of the most critical laws could help you understand your rights after someone’s wrongful death.

Just a few things you need to be aware of:

  • Limits on who may file: In Texas, the parties with the right to file for wrongful death are a surviving spouse, surviving children or surviving parents of the deceased. If these parties do not file, a personal representative of the estate may file instead.
  • Types of damages available: All the underlying losses related to losing a loved one could become compensable damages in a wrongful death claim: funeral and burial costs, lost wages, lost future earnings, lost inheritance, medical expenses, mental anguish and loss of the loved one’s company and financial support.
  • Statute of limitations: The filing party must bring his or her wrongful death lawsuit within two years of the date of death in Texas. Missing this deadline could mean your claim is gone forever.

I have more than 30 years of experience handling personal injury claims throughout Texas, including West Texas. I will help you understand the laws that may apply to your wrongful death claim, as well as how to fight against an insurance provider or another party in pursuit of fair damages.

Get Your Questions Answered In A Consultation

My goal is to make you feel heard during what is a challenging time for most families. I offer free, no-obligation consultations at my office in Odessa or any location convenient to you so you can ask your questions and get reliable answers at no financial risk. I only want to help. You are not alone after the devastating loss of a loved one. I can be there for you and the rest of your family, offering legal counsel and support every step of the way.

You can contact me today by calling 432-268-0153 or sending me a message.