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Representing Businesses And Property Owners In Construction Defects

I am Brent A. Biggs, founder of The Biggs Firm located in West Texas. Over my more than 30 year career, I have handled hundreds of construction defect cases. My years of litigation experience allows me to effectively and efficiently review the needs of my clients. By creating a personalized strategy, we can work together toward the best possible result.

Handling A Variety Of Construction Defects

I take the time to closely investigate the evidence of the defect in order to build the strongest case in your defense. I also work with subject matter experts who help me create a legal strategy based on the facts. This process can be complicated and daunting, and it is something that should not be handled alone. I can guide you through this process and work to hold the negligent parties accountable for their carelessness.

Common cases I have handled include:

  • Poorly installed building components such as foundations, roofs, windows, HVAC systems and exterior cladding
  • Improper grading and drainage
  • Code violations involving public facilities, like schools, police stations, convention centers and public arenas

With these cases, time is often of the essence. The longer we wait, the higher the chances are of someone else getting hurt. The fact of the matter is that these people are saying they are professionals. When they put other people’s lives at risk, they must be held accountable.

I will do everything I can to reach a favorable result. As your representation, I will use my decades of litigation experience to create a personalized strategy for your case. I will not back down from a challenge and do not shy away from any obstacle that comes my way.

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