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Experienced Help For Workers’ Compensation Claim Reviews

Every year, thousands of men and women in Texas suffer severe injuries and death on the job. In 2016, employees reported 185,299 nonfatal occupational illnesses and injuries in Texas. If you recently suffered a workplace injury while working in West Texas, you could benefit from a workers’ compensation claim review.

An effective workers’ compensation claim review will allow you to plan the best way for you to receive the maximum compensation allowed. I am attorney Brent A. Biggs, and I am a knowledgeable personal injury and workplace injury attorney. You can contact me today for a free consultation about your workers’ compensation claim and avenues of recovery by calling 432-268-0153.

Many injured people choose to have their claim reviewed by The Biggs Firm because:

  • I have extensive experience as a former insurance defense lawyer, giving me a unique insight into how the other side operates.
  • I have more than 30 years of experience handling personal injury and accident claims throughout Texas.
  • I will not give your workers’ compensation claim review to another attorney, paralegal or assistant.
  • I will provide you with my personal, undivided attention – something you will not find at many other firms, especially large volume type law offices.

Do You Need A Lawyer’s Help?

Texas has a unique workers’ compensation program. It is not required for all employers in the state. If you suffered an injury while on the job, Texas’ workers’ compensation laws could make it more difficult to obtain recovery. Instead of filing a no-fault claim and instantly receiving approval, you may have to prove your employer or another party’s negligence or fault for the accident. This burden of proof may require help from an attorney.

A workers’ compensation claim review from a lawyer could involve reviewing the accident’s circumstances for signs of an employer or third-party negligence. The review could help an injured party discover whether they have the right to file an injury suit against a party in Texas.

Involving a personal injury attorney in a workers’ compensation claim review is a great way to determine if there are other ways to obtain compensation for your workplace injury or job injury. I have the experience and knowledge to help you work through a complex workplace injury or on-the-job injury claim.

What To Expect During Your Claim Review

I will review the facts of your case and give you my professional opinion on how to proceed. During your review, I will help you create a plan and choose your next steps. This plan could include negotiating with an insurance company or filing a personal injury claim as an injured worker. My goal will be to resolve the workplace injury or on-the-job injury claim efficiently while addressing your needs and concerns.

Schedule Your Claim Review Today

I know the state’s workplace injury or on-the-job injury law inside and out, and I know exactly how to advocate for workers’ rights. If you have a claim in or around West Texas, speak to me about arranging a review near you. I can look over your case, listen to your needs, answer your questions and help you work toward a satisfactory resolution. Initial consultations about your workplace accident or claim are always free.

Schedule yours now by calling 432-268-0153 or by sending me a message.