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3 factors that can lead to a traffic fatality

The severity of a motor vehicle collision often relies on numerous factors. From the types of vehicles involved and the speeds at which they were traveling to the medical history of the vehicle occupants, a crash can result in a broad range of injuries. Unfortunately, a severe collision can result in fatalities of vehicle occupants and pedestrians alike.

The death of a loved one can mean dramatic financial and emotional turbulence for the surviving family members. Loved ones must not only struggle through the emotional strain of loss but must make certain to avoid financial peril if the deceased was a major wage earner for the family. While every scenario is unique, there are certain common factors that can lead to a fatal motor vehicle collision, including:

  • Head-on collisions: Whether due to drunk driving, drowsy driving or distracted driving, it is not uncommon for drivers to drift into oncoming traffic lanes. A head-on collision is, in effect, a force multiplier. The collision can eject vehicle occupants through the windshield to suffer catastrophic, deadly injuries.
  • Truck collisions: From 18-wheelers and construction vehicles to delivery trucks and commercial vans, these heavier vehicles can demolish smaller passenger vehicles in a collision. Unfortunately, this type of collision often results in the deaths of occupants in the smaller cars or motorcycles.
  • Vehicle rollover: Often a dramatic consequence of a collision, the vehicle might roll over several times. When the vehicle occupants are jarred in this manner, it can often lead to extreme trauma and fatality.

Motor vehicle collisions can result in devastating injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, paralysis, multiple fractures and amputation. Catastrophic collisions could result in the deaths of drivers, passengers or pedestrians. After losing a loved one in a personal injury accident, individuals should explore their options for monetary recovery through the legal process.