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3 ways people may develop life-altering brain injuries

The brain controls many aspects of someone’s life, so an injury to the brain can result in a host of different concerning consequences. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can range in severity from injuries that leave someone dependent on life-support machinery to relatively mild concussions.

The symptoms of a TBI can include everything from memory challenges and changes in someone’s sense of equilibrium to shifts in personality and blurry vision. A TBI can create thousands of dollars in medical expenses, affect someone’s income and generate new challenges in someone’s day-to-day life. The following are some of the more common ways in which people might develop a TBI.

In a car crash

The high speeds of modern traffic make it particularly dangerous for people in vehicles. Crashes can very easily result in a TBI if someone hits their head or experiences violent shaking during the crash. Motor vehicle collisions are among the top causes of TBIs, and those involved in collisions often need to see a doctor as soon as possible afterward.

Interpersonal violence

Research into domestic brain injuries shows that a small but consistent minority of people develop TBIs because of an assault or similar violent act. As many as one in five TBI patients may have gotten hurt by another person. Someone struck or shoved to the ground could potentially injure their brain. Those with assault-related TBIs are not just at risk of the same symptoms as everyone else. They are also more inclined to develop secondary mental health consequences of their brain injuries.

Falls, including same-level falls

Many people recognize that a fall from a significant elevation could lead to a major injury. What fewer people acknowledge is that a same-level fall could also potentially TBI. Someone who falls, especially if they do not have the time or strength to brace themselves, could strike their head on the floor or items near them.

Many scenarios in which people might acquire brain injuries involve the fault of an outside party. Those injured in car crashes, due to poor property maintenance or during the commission of an assault may potentially have grounds to take legal action. Pursuing compensation after a brain injury can help someone pay for their medical care and may also lead to replacement of their lost wages.