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3 traumatic head injuries caused by car accidents

If you are involved in a car accident, you have a high chance of suffering from an injury, even if the accident is minor, like a fender-bender. In many cases, injuries from car accidents can be temporary, often fading away after several weeks. However, there are some injuries that are considered traumatic and may not heal for months or may lead to permanent challenges.

For example, traumatic head injuries can lead to many long-term physical and mental disabilities. Most people are able to get necessary treatment for their injuries, like physical therapy and surgery, but may still suffer some side effects for life.

If you’re ever involved in a car accident, then there’s a chance you could suffer from any of the following traumatic head injuries. As a result, it’s important to seek medical attention after a collision, even if symptoms of these serious conditions have not manifested immediately.

1. Concussion

People who play sports or are involved in a slip-and-fall accident are prone to concussions, however, it’s also highly likely for people to suffer from a concussion after a car accident. What is a concussion? A concussion is a head injury that occurs after the head suffers a blow, hit or strike. As a result, the brain bangs around in the skull, which can disrupt brain chemicals and lead to bruising and bleeding.

2. Brain contusion

As a result of a concussion or any other head wound, a victim may suffer a brain contusion, which is, simply put, a bruise on the brain. While a bruise on an arm or leg may be sore and fade away without causing any compilations, a brain contusion can swell and bleed. The swell may place pressure on the brain and cause dizziness, fatigue or worse.

3. Skull fracture

A skull fracture occurs when a force to the head causes the skull to crack or break. In some cases, a skull fraction can be considered a penetrating traumatic brain injury. This happens if the skull shatters and shards of bone enter brain tissue. A skull fracture can lead to paralysis, cognitive issues, brain death and/or comas.

You can’t predict whether you’ll suffer medical conditions after a car accident. As such, it is imperative that you seek medical attention before you seek to understand your legal rights if you are ever involved in a crash.