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West Texas Car Accidents

If you or someone you love was recently injured in a car accident, the West Texas car accident attorney at The Biggs Firm may be able to help you obtain compensation from the at-fault party. Our lawyer have years of experience and are passionate about bringing at-fault drivers and other parties to justice on behalf of injured crash victims. Find out if you have a case, and if so, what it could be worth, during a free initial consultation. Contact our Odessa law office today.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Our lead attorney is a local, born and raised in West Texas, with 29 years of experience representing clients in personal injury and car accident cases.
  • Our firm gives you an edge during car insurance negotiations. Our lead lawyer is a prior insurance defense attorney.
  • Our lead lawyer will dedicate personal care and attention to your case. We will not shuffle your case around to different personnel like many large mill firms.

Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in West Texas?

The steps you take to protect your rights after an auto accident could make an enormous impact on your future and that of your family. Failing to hire a lawyer could expose you to common issues such as insurance bad faith practices or disputes regarding fault. With an attorney’s assistance, you can combat these problems and strengthen your claim to financial relief. Your attorney can deal with the complex aspects of your car accident claim while you concentrate on your medical care.

Texas Car Accident Statistics

You are not alone as the victim of a life-changing car accident in West Texas. Unfortunately, negligent and reckless drivers cause thousands of vehicle collisions each year. Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts from the Department of Transportation state that in 2017, one person suffered a car accident injury every two minutes and four seconds. Traffic accidents injured 17,535 victims and took the lives of 3,727 others in Texas alone. Over 600 deceased victims were pedestrians and 57 were bicyclists in 2017. Drunk drivers killed 1,046 people while distracted driving took 452 lives.

At The Biggs Firm, you are not just a car accident statistic. You are a real human with unique losses you have suffered. I focus on the person, not the case file. While I keep up with crash statistics to better understand the common causes of car accidents, I take a personal approach to injury law. Your attorney will be 100% committed to the welfare of you and your family during your claim.

Who Is Liable?

After a devastating car accident in West Texas, you have rights. As the victim of an auto accident or a surviving loved one, you may be eligible to bring an injury claim against the at-fault party. Under Texas’ fault-based car insurance laws, the party responsible for causing your car accident will owe you compensation for your losses. This party could be another driver, a vehicle manufacturer or the City of Odessa for an unsafe roadway. A lawyer from The Biggs Firm can help you determine fault for your recent accident.

Once you identify the correct at-fault party or parties, your lawyer can bring a claim for the appropriate amount of damages. The at-fault party’s insurance company should offer a settlement to cover your out-of-pocket and intangible losses, including medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and vehicle repairs. If the insurance company refuses to settle, use an attorney to go up against the at-fault party in court. A civil lawsuit could end in better financial recovery for you and your family.

Speak to an Attorney Today

If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries in a West TX car accident, I can help. I have accepted and won cases involving passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, delivery vans, motorcycles, bicycles, rideshare vehicles, pedestrians and more. I have what it takes to fight for fair compensation on your behalf. Find out if you have grounds for a claim today. Contact us for a free consultation.