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West Texas Brain Injuries

A brain injury is one of the most devastating outcomes that can arise from an accident in West Texas. Brain injury recovery is often a lifelong endeavor – a constant battle that involves years of rehabilitation, occupational therapy and psychological evaluations for the survivor.

If sports, a bad fall, an auto accident or a criminal gave you or a loved one a brain injury, the West Texas personal injury lawyer at The Biggs Firm can help. I will pull you through this difficult time with personalized services, aggressive legal strategies and hope for the future. Speak to me today by requesting a free consultation.

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Brain Injuries in Sports

Many families in West Texas engage in sports and youth sports without considering the possibility of serious brain injuries. Unfortunately, negligent sports coaches and lack of proper safety equipment could increase the odds of a child suffering a brain injury during a sport such as football. Other sports also pose a risk of head and brain injuries, including hockey, swimming and baseball. The most common brain injury in sports is the concussion.

A concussion could lead to symptoms such as loss of consciousness, dizziness, confusion, cognitive problems, behavioral changes, headaches, memory loss and sleep issues. Most concussions heal on their own with rest. Athletes, however, are at risk of a related condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a degenerative brain disease often seen in people with a history of multiple brain injuries, such as athletes.

CTE can result from suffering multiple concussions throughout an individual’s life. Boxers, football players and hockey players have all developed CTE, as well as military veterans. This condition can lead to an unhealthy buildup of proteins in the brain, potentially causing permanent damage. CTE can cause confusion, memory loss, poor judgment, lack of impulse control, depression, suicidal tendencies and progressive dementia.

Who Is Liable?

If you or a loved one has a brain injury, concussion or CTE from repetitive head trauma, speak to our lawyer about a potential personal injury lawsuit. If the head injuries came from playing a sport, the coach, school and/or sports organization could be liable for your damages. In school sports, it is the coach’s responsibility to reasonably prevent head and brain injuries to players through proper training, supervision, head protection and emergency response protocols. The school could be vicariously liable for a negligent sports coach after a player suffers a brain injury.

In other accidents that can cause brain injuries, such as vehicle collisions, falls and acts of violence, the party that caused the accident may be financially responsible. An irresponsible driver, for example, may have to pay for a pedestrian’s medical care and lost wages if the driver struck the pedestrian in a crosswalk. Determining fault for a brain injury is a task a lawyer from The Biggs Firm can help you with. Multiple parties could share liability for you or a loved one’s brain injury in West Texas.

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West Texas brain injury survivors have an ally in The Biggs Firm. Our personal injury and wrongful death attorney have years of experience helping clients through brain injury cases involving all types of causes, from sports to auto accidents. I can review your brain injury case for signs of negligence for free today during an initial consultation. You will speak directly to our lead attorney when you contact us for a legal consultation, not to an assistant at the firm. Call to schedule your free case evaluation now.