Millions Recovered On Behalf Of Injured Clients

Attorney Brent A. Biggs is a West Texas native who has spent his 30+ year legal career representing personal injury and business clients.

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A Premier West Texas Personal Injury And Business Litigator

I Fight To Get You The Resolution You Need

I am attorney Brent A. Biggs, and my Odessa law firm represents people throughout West Texas who have been injured in serious accidents or who are facing complex litigation cases.

I am a West Texas native who understands the area, judges and the legal opponents you may face. I am proud to serve the communities of West Texas and all of Texas with quality legal representation for all types of personal injury claims, business litigation and construction defect claims.

Whether you lost a loved one in a tragic auto or work-related accident or are otherwise struggling to obtain a fair settlement after an injury, I can help.

Decades Of Personal Injury And Insurance Law Experience

Before I started this practice, I worked in the insurance industry as a defense attorney. I know exactly how insurance companies and large corporations think, act and evaluate claims. I will take the steps needed to make them pay the full value for your injuries and ensure you can move forward with your life in a positive direction.

As your representation, I am fully committed to doing everything in my power to get you the best possible outcome. I care deeply about my clients and their families. I aggressively pursue defendants to obtain the maximum recovery for clients. I am not intimidated by how big or powerful the opponent might be.

Wasted Time Could Be Wasted Money

Personal Injury Cases I Can Help You With

I can take on cases involving catastrophic, life-changing and fatal personal injuries. No case is too big or too small to receive my undivided attention:

  • Wrongful death
  • Trucking accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Texas workers’ compensation review
  • Burn injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Defective or dangerous products
  • Premises accidents

There Is No Fee Until I Win. You Do Not Pay Unless I Obtain A Recovery On Your Claim.

Meet Brent A. Biggs

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Brent A. Biggs


What Clients Have Said About The Biggs Firm

“My husband was killed in a work-related accident. Brent A. Biggs represented me against the insurance company. We went to trial in front of a jury against a team of insurance lawyers, paralegals and assistants. The jury found in our favor due to the representation of Brent A. Biggs, and I received compensation for the remainder of my natural life.”

– Patricia Confer

“Our son was diagnosed with cancer. After his diagnosis, an insurance salesman sold us a small life insurance policy when he had full knowledge of my son’s cancer. He told us that the insurance company would cover us anyway. He never sent our application or payments to the insurance company. They denied our claim after our son died. Brent A. Biggs was able to obtain the full benefits under the policy. We were able to have a final funeral and purchase a proper headstone for our son.”

– Confidential

“After my commercial building was damaged by hail, my insurance company failed to pay the full amount of damage to the HVAC units on my building. Brent A. Biggs threatened a lawsuit and negotiated with the insurance company until I was able to obtain a full recovery of my damages.”

– Gamboa

“I am a Viet Nam veteran. I have thyroid problems due to Agent Orange, and I gained a great deal of weight. I was injured at a large department store when a display of lawn furniture I sat on suddenly collapsed because it was not fully assembled. The store blamed the accident on my weight. Nevertheless, Brent A. Biggs was able to obtain compensation for me due to my back injury.”

– Confidential